3 Bedroom 239m2 [FLOOR PLAN ONLY]

3 Bedroom 239m2 [FLOOR PLAN ONLY]

CJ Jansen van Vuuren

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House Plan Details

Size: 239m2
Bedrooms: 3 Bedrooms
Bathrooms: 2.5 Bathrooms
Parking: Seperate

Estimated Building Cost: R 1 950 957
(Calculated at the national average building rate @ R8163 per m2)


The first thing that strikes one with this design is the multiple roofs, which were designed specifically to give an African village feel and to bream the view on the horizon, thus allowing the house to blend in with its surroundings.

Each space has its own distinct feel while living areas are openly connected. Each area has its defined space with noticeable transitions from area to area which allows for multiple concurrent activities. The TV room is easily accessible while at the same time is tucked away to create that cozy cinema atmosphere. Open plan design allowed smooth flows from one side of the house to the other and a nice big patio with a braai adjacent to the kitchen is ideal for the entertaining family.

This layout is suited to a family with teenage children, as it provides plenty of privacy from the main house. Bedrooms are well in proportion and window design allows for natural light and ventilation.

There is a requirement for separate parking if you want a garage or carport.


  • Editable floor floor in AutoCAD .dwg format.
  • Printable  floor plan in .pdf

*Please note this is the floor plan only.

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