How do I register?

No Qualifications or registrations required. We simply expect you to be competent in your work, thats it!”

Yes you heard right! We don`t expect you to be a TOP DOG architect with a degree, 10 years experience and an architects registration number, we only ask that you are 100% competent in Architectural design, and that you understand the Building Regulations of South Africa (SANS 10400 & NBR)

Weather you are a design student, intern or even a qualified architect, you are welcome to register here and earn money by selling your plans with us.

Once you have registered, you can submit your plans you wish to sell via email or via your plan submission form on the website. We will quide you through the process and advise you should your plans need any more work.

YOU EARN 50% of every plan listed on our website.

By listing enough plans on our website, you are able to earn a healthy income that is 100% passive (That`s income without any labour!)

Don`t let any body tell you otherwise. You have nothing to lose – and everything to gain.