Modern Balinese Architecture

Balinese architecture is a vernacular architecture tradition of Balinese people that inhabits volcanic island of Bali, Indonesia. Today, contemporary Balinese style is known as one of the most popular Asian tropical architecture, due largely to the growth of the tourism industry in Bali that has created demand for Balinese-style houses, cottages, villas and hotels. Contemporary Balinese architecture combines traditional aesthetic principles, island’s abundance of natural materials, famous artistry and craftsmanship of its people, as well as international architecture influences, new techniques and trends.

Traditional Bali architecture differs from modern in that certain materials are replaced by more permanent materials, such as roof tiles instead of thatch, and introduction of steel and concrete.

Bali Architecture is very much nature orientated and features the following:

  • The Dominance of Nature
  • Integrated Internal and External Living Spaces
  • Verandahs, Decks and Terraces.
  • Natural Elements and Materials
  • Nuetral and earth tone colour range
  • Dominant Roof Form with Large Overhangs
  • Large Windows and Doors
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