The 3 Bedroom House Plan

Today the modern 3 bedroom house plan is the most popular house design. When choosing your 3 bedroom home design comfortable family living should be your main priority. There is a lot to consider, bedrooms need to be separated from entertainment areas to give both adults and children privacy when entertaining guests.

You may want to choose a modern house plan that has 2 stories because of this, first floor for family time and entertainment, upper floor for bedrooms and living. Some families which have multiple children may even choose to have 3 stories as this provides a lot more privacy for both parents and children. Increasing stories on your home can also have the pleasant effect of decreasing floor area costs, roofing is expensive therefore minimizing ground floor area will decrease roof coverage which will in turn decrease building costs.

3 Bedroom House Plans for Small Families

Out of all of the configurations of house plans designed these days, the 3 bedroom house plan still maintains its popularity in its practicality and affordability. Young couples and small families find the 3 bedroom configuration very practical for their needs. Typically a young couple will find the 3 bedroom very useful in that it provides them with a spare room and many use the third as a home office or study.

Later down the line, this third bedroom becomes the room of their first child, and possible for another child as most siblings share a room until their teens.

In terms of affordability, the 3 bedrooms house fits well into the 250m2 sized home, and is within the budget of most young professional working couples and is a great solution for their desired lifestyle.

3 Bedroom House Plans for use in Shared Housing or Student Accomodation

Student accommodation and shared housing for young people is always in demand and with today’s tough economy, young graduates usually cant afford their own at the outset of their career. This has made house share very popular, and created a good investment opportunity for owners.

It is not uncommon for owners to own many different homes and have them rented out in this capacity. It is a great for of income and allows for a versatile income because it opens up to rental by many groups of people, minimizing the amount of time that the home will be without tenants, maximizing your income potential. Whats more, it is a great retirement solution when that time comes and after the home has served you a generous amount of income over the years.


These are just a few things to consider when choosing your 3 bedroom house plan, think extensively about your lifestyle, this will have a major effect on the design you want. Some families are more family orientated than others and this should reflect in the house design you prefer.