5 Types of Home Designs found on House Plans HQ

Life is all about making the right decisions that will benefit us in the long run. One of the most important decisions that most people face is deciding on their choice of home. Selecting a house design can be the most daunting thing you can experience because it’s often tough to envision the finished home and if it will work out as you planned.

When the decision is made to construct a new home, it becomes one of life’s most gratifying experiences but the process of building a new home also becomes very stressful.

The house plan is your vision of happiness on paper. One of the pleasures of the home design is appreciating new comforts that will make the home the way you envisioned it.

Minimalist House Designs

The concept of minimalism with veneration to architecture is about accomplishing improved design through practicality. The practicality of detail, colour, space and arrangement. Minimalist strategy shows limitation, a meticulous paring down and excision of spaces to get to a place of simplicity.
Minimalist house designs tend to advance towards a modern minimalist design style which entails simple yet flawless, open spaces that’s in agreement with the architectural design. This design is so detailed, yet simple and the open spaces give the furniture, and the materials in the room to enough space to breathe and give life to the room.

2 bedroom house plan concrete marvel

The main concept of minimalism design is using simple and natural forms. Minimalism is a lifestyle that differentiates by desire for perfect order and organization. So, if you like simple yet particular when it comes to the stringency in design, minimalism is what you need!

The features that illustrates a minimalist house design are:

■ Simplicity in furniture, only the best down pillow would be a perfect example of furniture used in minimalist home designs.
■ Simple covering and wall textures
■ Unsoiled, uncluttered an illuminating spaces
■ Modest detailing lacking embellishment
■ Planned use of resources for visual adornment, consistency, and character


Simplicity in the arrangement and purpose

Various minimalist houses have a docile yet candid and well-organized plan layout with set volumes of spaces. Unpretentious arrangements, open floor plans, minimal interior walls, modest storage areas, and an accentuation on views and illumination are significant features of many minimalist floor plans.

2 bedroom house plan hanging loft

Simple covering and wall textures

Applying a simple uninterrupted exterior. The cover materials used can basically deliver a photographic appeal and articulation by collaborating the appearance of the materials and the texture.


Unsoiled, uncluttered an illuminating spaces

An open plan design flanked by the kitchen and living expanses leases a copiousness of light to fill the open space. Light textured wall exteriors, unsoiled contemporary designs, organized living spaces and an impartial colour palette makes spaces equal and the interior of this minimalist home has a tranquil and fascinating appeal.


Modest detailing lacking embellishment

Several minimalist designs are also categorized by clean and a very meticulous detail, and by trimming it down to only what is essential.

2 bedroom house plan hanging loft


Planned use of resources for visual adornment, consistency, and character

■ The surface and the tile design enhances visual attention to the simple neutral colours of the contemporary restroom

■ Attention-grabbing elements such as the brick wall be can stand on its own, there is no need for shelving to mess the visual outlook

■ You will notice, the physical features are partial to mostly concrete and glass. The concrete design delivers a smooth textured surface


Modern Home Designs

4 Bedroom House Plan – Eagles Crescent

Thanks to the pervasiveness of modern design, it is not difficult to get the modern house that you want even though you are on a tight budget, when looking at options for modern house floor plans for your home.

Modern house designs incorporate nifty planning when working on the design plans. Modern house plans push inventive limitations through extravagant design.

1 Bedroom Evergreen Pine Chalet

Modern house plans generally consists of glass, steel and concrete. Open floor plans are distinctive feature of these modern house style.


African Home Designs

3 bedroom house plan the rhino-lodge

African home designs are a very popular trend, because of the rich colours with a blend of earth natural colour textures. Simple yet creative necessities such as animal prints this adds more emphasis which adds such magnificence to our cultural African Continent.

3 bedroom house plan the rhino-lodge

African masks and wooden figures giving to the space mystic feel. Such detail goes into this decorating style it’s like a painter, painting a work of art, the interior of the home is the canvas and such the designer adds warmth of the sun and sand, but also the richness added by the flora and fauna of the African continent.

3 Bedroom House Plan – Kudu Lodge


Tuscan Home Designs

The Tuscan interior design brings the outdoor atmosphere indoors creating and filling the interior spaces with such warmth and ones feels the intimacy of nature indoors.

3 Bedroom Tuscan House Plan

All natural materials used like natural stone, marble, terracotta and wood. Raw materials add a rustic feel to fireplaces and certain areas in the house. On the back splash of Tuscan home designs generally natural stones such as marble is used to decorate the floors and kitchen counters. And all furniture is made from natural wood designs. For decoration generally ornaments and a variety of knick-knacks are used.

Tuscan home design plans combine modern fundamentals with classic Italian design, resulting in a prominent appeal.


Bali Home Designs

It is very noticeable from the style of the architecture that these homes are stunning and grasps a very high imaginative distinction. This is the reason as to why many people are so enthused to buy these Balinese style homes.

3 Bedroom House Plan Bali Architecture

These Balinese architecture homes are considered to have more value because as the ages it remains intact and still looks beautiful. The reason for this is the types of materials that’s are used to construct this stunning homes. These homes yield a lot of relaxed lodging spaces, and yet still adds that ethnic feel.

5 Bedroom House Plan Bali Architecture

The ethnic shades are very contemporary and simple yet these Balinese style homes are functional and when your stay in these homes make you feel like you living in Bali.

These homes are always filled with ornaments and materials such as lemon grass. These homes all are made with a special touch of Bali.


A Few Tips When Choosing a Home Design

■ Create an accurate budget for your new home.  

■ Understand your needs and wants and use that to decide how to plan your home

■ Focus on what is important to you

■ Understand how you want your home to be know your priorities and work around that concept

■ Deliberate the bigger picture

■ Always research before venturing forth

■ Try and visualise yourself in the home when you see your floor plans

■ Always work with a professional