3 Bedroom House Plan [Steenbok Lodge]

Size (Internal): 253m2,
Bedrooms: 3 Bedrooms,
 3.5 Bathrooms,
Parking: Double Garage,

Estimated Building Cost: R 2 065 239,
(Calculated at the national average building rate @ R8163 per m2),

The Steenbok Lodge is an incredibly spacious, 3 bedroom house. It features a grand entrance which leads symmetrically into the dining room which creates a breathtaking sense of awe as you enter this gorgeous Bali styled home. The right wing composes of bedrooms of which, all three are en-suite. Each bedroom also has its own private courtyard.

Adjacent to the bedrooms, across the dining room is an open plan kitchen and lounge with a sculler nicely tucked away which makes space for a laundry, washing area and pantry.

An inter-leading door from the scullery takes you through the drying yard and into the double garage.

The two wings create a nicely screened courtyard where there is a swimming pool and deck area.

This house is very much family oriented and is perfect for a couple with a young child who needs a spare room for regular guests. It is also ideal for a couple with two children who each need their own bedroom.

Download this plan here:

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